Own Your Path Bracelet

$ 42

The road is wide and open as you take one step forward and go your own way. This path you don't just walk...you own it. 

You embody it as if it's already yours and as you own your path, it becomes yours. There's no turning back, just a deeper belonging with every step.

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Kunzite is pure in energy and joyful in nature. The stone of emotion, it connects the heart to the mind.

  • Kunzite gemstone beads with raw Amethyst Nugget *amethyst size and shape will vary, all one of a kind
  • Charm is double sided, with Fierce Forward symbol on the back
  • Bracelet size guide

Take a loose tape measure and wrap around your wrist or neck. Keep in mind that if you plan to wear several pieces at a time you may want to pick a size up for the ones that will be worn higher on your arm.

Bracelets for Women

  • small: 6.0" or smaller (very petite wrists)
  • medium: measures 6.5-7" (average woman's wrist size)
  • large: measures 7.5"+

    Necklaces for Women
    *measure neck for best fit
    • small: 14" choker or 16" lies at bottom of neck
    • medium: 18" 
    • large: 20" 

      Bracelets for Men

      • small: 7.5" or smaller
      • medium: 8" (average men's wrist size)
      • large: 8.5"+ 

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