Hey beautiful, I'm Ashley. Welcome to Fierce Forward Jewelry!

I know you want to feel fierce and create a life you're proud of. To do that, you need meaningful jewelry that empowers you and reminds you every day, to keep moving forward. The problem is, we often feel stuck and committing to yourself is hard.

I believe life is too short to not be happy. I've been there and I know how it feels. I was overweight, stressed out and living like a zombie. I had to make a decision to fiercely commit to myself, to change how I was showing up in my life and keep stepping forward every single day. I wear my jewelry daily no matter what my new goal or focus is because now I know growing is the only way!

I'll never forget the times I wish I could have had encouragement and help along the way and I know so many women feel this too which is why I created Fierce Forward Jewelry. Everyday, thousands of women from around the world wear their jewelry as a reminder to keep moving forward. 
I hand-make every piece of jewelry using African trade beads, gemstones and other natural materials. My intention is to align each piece with something that will move you forward, help you heal and inspire you to continue growing and rising to your fiercest self.

So how do you start moving forward and keep that momentum going in your life? Here's how you do it: choose what you need, wear it everyday and feel your jewelry empower you. 

So babe, decide what it is you need to get started in your journey. Stop letting yourself down and feeling bad and instead, be proud of yourself, build confidence and live the life you really want to live. 

♥︎ Ashley