Moon Shield Ring

$ 77

This adjustable sterling silver moonstone ring is absolutely beautiful. It's your new go-to ring that you won't be able to stop wearing. Wear it on your thumb one day, your pinky the other or whatever you feel like! The versatility of this beautiful ring is endless and you won't want to take it off, it's so stunning. 

  • Sterling silver adjustable half moon ring
  • Choose Moonstone or Opal stone (opal has more coloration and moonstone has more whites with blue flash)
  • Can wear on any finger and adjust

Choose Your Stone

Moonstone is a feminine crystal that helps promote clarity and a strong inner vision of what you want. Brings strong energy of abundance to one's life.

Opal balances and aligns you while encouraging you to shift energetic patterns that no longer work for you. Beautiful healing energy.

Get the Moon Goddess set here!

      Measuring for Necklaces

      The length is the open necklace laid straight & measured end to end. The best way to confirm what size is best for you is to drape a string around your neck, mark it where you want the length to be, then measure the string. In general 14" would be for a choker length, 16" generally hits at the nape of the neck, 18" hits above the heart and 20" or more would be good for a long layered look with other necklaces. 
        Measuring for Bracelets

        Take a loose tape measure and wrap around your wrist or neck. Keep in mind that if you plan to wear several pieces at a time you may want to pick a size up for the ones that will be worn higher on your arm.

        Bracelets for Women

        small: 6.0" or smaller (very petite wrists)
        medium: measures 6.5-7" (average woman's wrist size)
        large: measures 7.5"+

        Bracelets for Men

        small: 7.5" or smaller
        medium: 8" (average men's wrist size)
        large: 8.5"+ 
          Our current production time is 3-5 business days from the day you order unless otherwise noted.  

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